September 11, 2007

About This Blog


September has arrived. The fall season has begun, and with it comes the beginning of yet another year of College Football. And, after several years of following the numerous sporting blogs around the internet, I've decided to throw my hat into the ring. Why? I couldn't really say. I guess I finally decided I wanted my own corner of the web to call my own. Anyway, a few notes concerning this space. I'd call this a FAQ, except the site's brand new so it'd be a tad presumptuous to think anybody's bothered to ask any questions to date. Anyway...

So who are you?

Underbruin will suffice.


Yeah. I'm a pretty big sports fan who has grown up in the Los Angeles area. I've been going to Bruin football games in the Rose Bowl for as long as I can remember, and have come to love UCLA athletics in all its forms (even the slightly scary girl shotputter ones - just don't ask about the oddly-deep voices and the facial hair). As UCLA has often been known as the 'gutty little Bruins,' I find "Underbruin" to be a reasonable moniker.

What is this blog going to be about?

Mostly what's described up in the header. Though there's a chance I might occasionally dabble in other items of note, this space is about sports first and foremost. The UCLA Bruins, followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers, will probably occupy the majority of the space, but I hope to give most of the other LA teams some face time - yes, even hockey.

Why the hell should I listen to you?

Honestly, you probably shouldn't. This is really just another "random jackass with a mouthpiece" website. I just hope that my particular flavor of idiocy will happen to appeal to a few people.

So, are there any teams you like/dislike?

This is mostly to make plain where I have a bias. I die a little inside with every season that the Dodgers continue to go without winning a playoff series. And I'm reasonably pleased when the Lakers, Kings, and Galaxy win. On a more macro scale, I also enjoy watching the USMNT during their occasional moments of brilliance (generally surrounded by hours of ineptitude, sadly). For no real good reason whatsoever, I like to see Pepperdine succeed in NCAA hoops. And when lacrosse season rolls around, I root for my alma mater, Johns Hopkins.

With regards to teams I don't like much, the Angels generally annoy me because of their numerous (from my perspective at least) bandwagon fans since their World Series win. I can't stand any team from New England, just on principle. The Mexican soccer team is pure evil, but generally only shows up to grate on my nerves once in a while.

And lastly, to borrow the Bruin twist on an old turn of phrase: "My two favorite teams are UCLA, and whoever's playing USC."

Any other words of wisdom before I close this window and forget about this blog forever?

"Luck is the residue of design."
- Branch Rickey

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