September 7, 2010

WR Chart Glossary

3: The easiest type of catches. These are balls that should absolutely never be dropped. Most good short passes result in 3s. It's rare (but possible) to see a 3 on a pass longer than 15-20 yards.

2: Reasonably tough catches. Most wide receivers will still make a good number of these, but they're not a given.

1: These are extremely difficult balls to catch, though still theoretically within the realm of possibility to be caught. When caught, these comprise diving grabs with full extension, 1-handed snags, the like. Much more often, though, these pass attempts fall incomplete.

0: Thoroughly uncatchable by any stretch of the imagination. Throws that end up 5-yards OOB, for example. These are included to track WR targets, mostly.

As an example, I've included a sample chart below of what will follow each game's PI, with an explanation. Receiverchart, GO:

This Game Totals
Player 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3
Presley - - 0/1 0/1 - - 0/1 0/1
Embree 4 - - 1/2 4 - - 1/2
Coleman1--1/11- -1/1
Smith - - 0/1-- -0/1-
Marvray20/11/1- 2-0/11/1
Franklin-0/11/1 --0/11/1-
Barr-- 1/2---1/2-
Harkey---1/1 ---1/1

You can look at every player who has caught a pass so far this year and see how he's done both for the specific game, and for the entire season. Since this sample is from the first game of a season, the 'Game' and 'Total' numbers are identical. That won't be the case for every other game of the season.

The chart is pretty self-explanatory. For each player, you have his total number of passes caught per type of target. Let's pull the single game stats for one specific player to examine more closely: Ricky Marvray.

This Game
Player 0 1 2 3

So what does it all mean? Well, in the '0' (totally uncatchable) column, Ricky has a "2." That means that two passes were targeted for him that had no chance of completion. In the '1' column, there's an "0/1" - in other words, he had one pass thrown to him that was possibly catchable, but would have been extremely difficult to haul in. The "1/1" in the '2' column means that Ricky did manage to catch the one pass thrown to him that was moderately difficult to catch. And the "-" in the '3' column means he didn't get a single truly easy pass his way.

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